About Us

Kia Ora Tour offers unique experiences to help make your New Zealand and Indonesian vacation perfect.

Kia Ora Tour is a family owned and operated tour company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Specializing in private tours, exclusive experiences, and luxury tours to the most iconic attractions in New Zealand and Indonesia. Being a travel enthusiast and having lived in
Indonesia and New Zealand for more than 10 years, we’re creating the sort of travel experience we loved most – small and personal tours with a warm and big heart. 

We are grateful to have the opportunity introducing you to these two beautiful countries that we call home.
Started in 2012 by participating in Indonesian Trade Mission in Auckland, Kia Ora Tour started taking guests sightseeing in Auckland then all over New Zealand while providing private charters and transport. As our customer database grew, we also grew, and now we proudly offer all our set and customised Private Tours to anyone coming to New Zealand and Indonesia looking for a unique visit and amazing experiences.

We base our success around long term relationships, high quality service and trusted

Tell us about your plans. We can design your dream visit to suit your personal tastes and desires. We’ve got all the hot tips on what to see and do and we’d love to custom design your dream holidays to include only the most incredible experiences to offer in these beautiful